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Past Activities

Past NPPN Activities

2017 NPPN Field Day - July 5th in Helsinki, Finland

Hosted and arranged by LUKE and Boreal, Taking place on July 5th in Viikki - Helsinki


The 2017 NPPN Field day was another excellent opportunity for organisations involved in Plant Phenotyping to network and share knowledge and experiences. The July 5th field day took place on the University of Helsinki Viikki campus and gave  participants an introduction to the LUKE and Boreal facilities and showcased the National Phenotyping Infrastructure at the University. The activities also included letures on hyperspectral imaging and new projects.  View the programme here.

The 2nd Annual NPPN Workshop - November 23-24, 2016 - Båstad, Sweden - 'Advances in Plant Field Phenotyping - New Tools in Plant Breeding'

The 2nd annual NPPN workshop and 2nd General Assembly took place in November 2015 at Hotel Skansen in Båstad. Thanks are extended to all of you who made the workshop another success and took part in shaping the NPPN for the future. The programme (view here) featured international speakers, focusing on new opportunities within phenotyping, plant breeding and technology in precision agriculture. 

Participants at the 2016 NPPN workshop

The workshop presentations by our invited speakers can be accessed via the links below:

Dr. Audun Korsæth, NIBIO 'Precision Agriculture and mobile sensor platforms' 
Assoc Prof. Arron Carter, Washington State University 'Application of canopy spectral reflectance in wheat breeding programs'
Patrik Hellström, Skye Eye Innovations 'Technological developments within the drone industry - Integration in precision agriculture and opportunities'
Assoc. Prof, Kristin Piikki, SLU - Skara 'Overview of new tools in precision agriculture - Data interpretation and opportunities for plant breeding'
Prof. Kristian Thorup-Kristensen, University of Copenhagen 'Root Phenotyping - the hidden half'
PhD fellow Jesper Svensgaard and PostDoc Signe Jensen, University of Copenhagen '6P R&I Progess - adding value to technology'


The 2016 NPPN Summer School - Crop Innovation, from Genes to Seeds

A one week (5 ECTS) official summer school course was established and was hosted at the University of Copenhagen SCIENCE campus starting on July 3rd. The course took a comprehensive approach to plant breeding, introducing all levels and scales for particpants to gain a better understanding of genotype interactions with both environment and management. The detailed course description can be found here.

The 1st Annual NPPN Workshop - December 7-8, 2015

The 1st annual NPPN workshop - 'Plant Phenotyping in a Nordic Context' and 1st NPPN General Assembly took place on December 7-8, 2015 at the conference center Kolle Kolle near Copenhagen. The workshop was a great success and an important part of shaping the future of the Nordic Plant Phenotyping Network and solidifying the need for public-private partnerships in our efforts to improve agricultural production to meet the future demands for food and fodder. 12 out of 13 Nordic plant breeding organisations and 6 different Nordic and Baltic research institutions were represented during this event.

The official programme can be viewed here.

2015 NPPN General Assembly participants

Hosted by University of Copenhagen