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Welcome to the Nordic Plant Phenotyping Network

The NPPN aims to become the center of Nordic Plant Phenotyping activities through the facilitation and promotion of information exchange between Nordic research institutions, Nordic plant breeding companies and industry technology providers. Thereby enhancing the dynamic development of high-throughput field phenotyping methodologies, technologies and practical implementation of progress through a focus on end-user involvement and knowledge sharing.

While adressing the specific needs of Nordic based plant breeders, technology development and research, the NPPN also aims to function as a part of the international community of phenotyping networks. 

The NPPN was established in 2015, as a part of the Public Private Partnership - Plant Phenotyping Project (6p). It is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers through the Nordic Genetic Resource Center NordGen and is coordinated by the University of Copenhagen Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences. The NPPN is a non-profit organization.