Welcome to the Nordic Plant Phenotyping Network

The Nordic Plant Phenotyping Network facilitates and promotes information exchange between Nordic research institutions, Nordic plant breeding companies and industry technology providers. The network aims at enhancing the dynamic development of high-throughput field phenotyping methodologies, technologies and practical implementation of progress through a focus on end-user involvement and knowledge sharing.

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The project collaboration was initially established in 2015, as a part of the Public Private Partnership - Plant Phenotyping Project (6P). A third phase (March 2021- December 2023) of the 6P project has been funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers through the Nordic Genetic Resource Center NordGen and is coordinated by the University of Copenhagen Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences.

The Nordic Public Private Partnership Plant Phenotyping Project  - Phase 3 (6P3) aims at improving decision making and breeding choices for crops with better climate change resilience based on data analysis and modelling. Linking high-throughput phenotyping data and a mathematical plant-soil-atmosphere model, the project will test different scenarios to identify relevant plant traits that will be essential under challenging, future growth conditions due to environmental and climate change.

The Nordic Public Private Partnership Plant Phenotyping Project  - Phase 3 has receive funding from:

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