The main objective of the 6P project is to involve Nordic plant breeders - the end-users, directly in the effort to develop and advance high throughput and non-destructive field phenotyping methods that will contribute significantly to the output and efficiency of current breeding strategies, through the development of a common platform and a focus on practical implementation.

In the current 3rd phase of the project, the partners will link high-throughput phenotyping data and the plant-soil-climate model DAISY which will allow scenario testing to identify relevant plant traits expected in challenging future growth conditions due to environmental and climate change.

The model is designed to simulate water balance, heat balance, solute balance, and crop production in agro-ecosystems subjected to various management strategies. The model’s flexible software allows for input of different management practices, soil, and weather data to demonstrate impacts on selected crop traits under different climatic and environmental conditions.

Research activities currently include:

  • Data management to ensure data of sufficiently high quality for analysis.
  • Developing data analytics suitable for modelling scenarios.
  • Enhancing phenotyping methods.
  • Automating plant counting through deep
  • Modelling environmental and climatic change.