The Annual NPPN Workshop 2017

The 3rd annual NPPN workshop was held on Nov 22-23 at Hotel Skansen in Båstad, Sweden. The presentations from invited speakers are listed below and  can be accessed via the links provided.

Prof. José Luis Araus, University of Barcelona 'Translating high-throughput field phenotyping into genetic gain'
Assoc. Prof. Marcos Vaz Salles, University of Copenhagen

'Managing Geospatial Big Data: Lessons learned and future perspectives'

'Data management workshop - case discussions and new insights'

Assoc Prof. Aakash Chawade, Swedish Agricultural University - Alnarp 'Low-cost phenotyping with proximal sensors'
Assoc. Prof. Md Ali Babar, University of Florida 'Remote sensing, phenotyping and wheat improvement'
Christian S. Jensen, DLF - Head of Research 'ppp and 6P Experiences - from a private partner point of view'
Morten Lillemo - Researcher, Norwegian University of Life Sciences 'Reliable and efficient high-throughput phenotyping to accelrate genetic gains in Norwegian plant breeding - presentation of the Norwegian vPheno project'

PhD fellow Jesper Svensgaard and PostDoc Signe Jensen, University of Copenhagen