The Annual NPPN Workshop 2019

The 5th annual NPPN workshop was held on 21-22 November at Hotel Skansen in Båstad, Sweden. Presentations from the workshop are available via the links below.

Download the program for the NPPN workshop 2019 here.

Presentations from Thursday 21 November:

Summarizing growth ‐ the development seen from above
Signe Marie Jensen, Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen

A note about radiometric calibration of drone (remote sensing) images
Jesper Svensgaard, Phd fellow, University of Copenhagen

Extracting field plot image data in QGIS: General concepts and PlotCut 3 status
Jesper Cairo Westergaard, Research IT Coordinator, University of Copenhagen

What are the limits for crop phenotyping using drones and ground‐based platforms?
Malcolm Hawkesford, Head of Plant Science and Designing Future Wheat (ISP) Leader, Rothamsted Research, UK

Hyperspectral imaging in the UV‐range – new steps in phenotyping
Anna Brugger, Institute of Sugar Beet Research, University of Goettingen

Detecting potato late blight in the field
Erik Alexandersson, Associate Professor, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Integrating multiple sensors for phenotyping – case studies
Aakash Chawade, Associate Professor, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Genotype‐to‐phenotype mapping of selected species/accessions
Svend Christensen, Head of Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Presentations from Friday 22 November:

Phenotyping a dynamic trait: leaf growth response to environmental restrictions
Kristina Jaskune, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry (LAMMC)

Overview of relevant field phenotyping activities at NMBU and progress in predicting grain yield from multispectral UAV images
Morten Lillemo, researcher, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Phenotyping of sugar beet seeds: A case for machine learning
Tobias Ekblad, Seed Quality Lead, MariboHilleshög (DLF)

Drone image based predictions in a breeding program
Winnie Fücthbauer, Faba bean breeder/Head of laboratory, Sejet

NDVI in winter wheat
Karl‐Johan Langvad, Secobra Recherces/Lantmännen

A practical view on drones in a potato field
Ea Høegh Riis Sundmark, Assistant breeder, Danespo