The 8th Annual NPPN Workshop

The 8th annual NPPN workshop was held on 24-25 November 2022 at Hotel Skansen, Sweden. Presentations from the workshop are available via the links below.

Download the program for the NPPN workshop 2022 here.

Presentations from Thursday 24 November:

Field trends, design and analysis
Signe Jensen, Asst. Prof, University of Copenhagen

Hyperspectral analysis in Plant breeding
Erik Schou Dreier, Senior Scientist at Foss

Semi high-throughput field instrument for gas exchange analysis 
Hannes Kollist, Professor at University of Tartu

Counting plants and plant organs in field settings 
Assoc. Prof. Erik Alexandersson, Swedish Agricultural University

Modelling activities to support plant breeding
Simon Fil Svane, Postdoc, University of Copenhagen

Seed phenotyping and digital seeds
Jens Michael Carstensen, Videometer

Progress and challenges with high resolution UAV imaging and multispectral time series
Morten Lillemo, data researcher, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Umeå Plant Science Centre- A centre of excellence for experimental plant research and plant biotechnology
Ioana Gabereanu, Research engineer, Umeå Plant Science Center

Presentations from Friday 25 November:

Status on work package 1, Data management
Jesper Cairo Westergaard, University of Copenhagen

Baltic-Nordic collaboration to enhance wheat breeding through UAV phenotyping
Gintaras Barzauskas, Lithuanian Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry (LAMMC), coordinator of the NOBAL wheat project

Presentation of the GroGrund Initiative 
Eva Johansson, Professor at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 

Breeding for physiological improvement of crop yield 
Thomas Sinclair, Adjunct Professor at North Carolina State University