The Annual NPPN Workshop 2018

The 4th annual NPPN workshop was held on 22-23 November at Rungstedgaard in Rungsted, Denmark. Presentations from the workshop are available via the links below.

Download the program for the NPPN workshop 2018 here.

Presentations from Thursday 22 November:

Quantification of intra-plot variation
Signe Jensen, Asst. ProfUniversity of Copenhagen

Battle of the spectral resolutions - RGB vs Multispectral
Jesper Svensgaard, Phd fellow, University of Copenhagen

Welcome to the Jungle…of digital image handling platforms and data properties
Jesper Cairo Westergaard, Research IT Coordinator, University of Copenhagen

EnBlightMe! ‐ Disease detection with UAS
Assoc. Prof. Erik Alexandersson, Swedish Agricultural University

Remote sensing for soil zoning and disease detection in potato fields and vineyards
Peter Fröhlich, CEO and founder ‐ Agricircle

Presentations from Friday 23 November:

Statistical challenges and opportunities in plant and crop phenotyping
Prof. Scott Chapmann, University of Queensland

UAV Phenotyping of crops under arid conditions
Prof. Rick Ward, University of Arizona (Maricopa)

FUSNAPI ‐ Detecting Fusarium resistance in oats
Juho Hautsalo, Research Scientist, LUKE

DroneKnowledge and its agricultural applications
Jere Kaivosoja, Research Scientist, LUKE

Using UAS and remote sensing in Danish national trials
Lars Bonde Eriksen, senior researcher – SEGES